Drive electric mobility forward – with the right charging and billing solution

With electric mobility, charging and billing is a topic you cannot avoid. Place your trust in a competent partner who makes it easy for you. With intelligent charging and billing solutions, ubitricity has been fostering electric mobility for years. The patented, mobile electricity meter is a practical solution to many challenges.

Our MobileCharging system provides a comprehensive, economical and future-oriented solution for charging infrastructure. Our system delivers the market’s most space-saving charging point installations and allows customers the greatest flexibility in how they charge their electric vehicles. For a cleaner electric future.

Just find your charging solution now

Your requirements are diverse – as is our MobileCharging system

For private or corporate customers: ubitricity has developed convincing charging solutions based on our and our customers’ experiences. These can always and easily be adjusted to your individual requirements. Can’t believe it?
See for yourself:

MobileCharging system

Charge and bill easier, cheaper, quicker

The affordable charging spot

The SimpleSocket

The SimpleSocket

Charge, wherever and whenever you want. Always a fitting solution. With all-inclusive service.

Electricity contract to go

The SmartCable

The SmartCable

Charge and bill comfortably with mobile electricity meter and mobile electricity contract.

Transparent billing

The ConnectivityManager

The ConnectivityManager

Many possibilities – and a good overview. Exact billing and security.

Energy from a new perspective

The mobile electricity meter

A key technology for electric mobility

If you were looking for your electricity meter up until now, you would almost always go down to the basement. ubitricity has freed the electricity meter from its stationary cellar and made it mobile. Today, you can find the mobile, calibrated electricity meter in the SmartCable instead of the stationary charging pole. The advantages of this new approach are visible in every ubitricity solution: the charging points themselves are made cheaper and tricky invoicing situations can be solved for the first time to satisfy all parties involved. What’s next? In the future, this technology will make an important contribution to transforming electric vehicles into distributed electricity storage for the smart grid.

You don’t have to take our word for it

this is what our customers say

Where to find the ubitricity solution

At present, the ubitricity MobileCharging Stystem is being rolled out in twelve London boroughs and the Cities of Oxford and Portsmouth.

For details and information on how to participate, please contact us:


Do you have any questions? We’re glad to help

Contact the ubitricity team for more information about our smart charging solution. Whether you’re a private or commercial customer, from a local borough or council, or work at a power utility, we can answer your questions about the market’s smartest charging technology.

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