Economically feasible and scalable charging infrastructure

The future of mobility will be electric. This calls for a sustainable solution for charging infrastructure. Up to now, charging spots are expensive to buy and maintain – making their economic sustainability dependent on their workload and impeding a ubiquitous roll-out of charging infrastructure. The ubitricity charging spots are different: technologically reduced to the minimum and thus smaller and cheaper, they are the perfect solution to this challenge. And what’s more: they are compatible with already-existing charging infrastructure.

Provide residents with convenient access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure on their doorstep, significantly increasing uptake of EVs. Create a comprehensive network of affordable charge points. Lay the foundation for sustainable transport in your area.

Your advantages at a glance

How ubitricity charging infrastructure brings electromobility to the city

Create scalable infrastructure.

ubitricity’s SimpleSockets are easily integrated into existing street lights, significantly reducing the capital costs of EV charging provision. Thanks to lower costs, more charge points can be installed for your residents – making your money go further.

Easy planning.

As no planning permission is required for retrofitting existing street lights, both the planning and lead-in time for the delivery of new on-street charge points for residents are reduced considerably. This has the benefit of even allowing charge points to be installed using an ‘on demand’ approach.

Reduce the operating costs.

Their technical simplicity makes the SimpleSockets robust and low-maintenance. Large-scale infrastructure deployment is simplified and a
three year warranty provides complete peace of mind.

Proven technology.

ubitricity was the first company to deploy a street-light charging solution in the streets of London. With our proven track record of successfully operating residential charging solutions since 2015, you can be sure that our technology is not just market leading, it works and is here to stay.

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ELEXON approved.

The ubitricity solution was the very first EV charging company to gain regulatory approval for working in the UK with unmetered supplies. The MobileCharging system is fully approved by ELEXON, this means that all electricity costs are associated with us and not incurred at all by the council.

Contribute to a greener city.

All of our charging solutions are powered exclusively by 100% green electricity, providing comfort to councils and residents that ubitricity’s technology is good for the environment in and outside of London.

Working together for a greener, more livable future

ubitricity’s partnership with Siemens

ubitricity has already installed around 300 charging points in London. With Siemens as a strong partner at its side, further charging points will be set up in the near future. So you can rely on two partners who bring reliable know-how and expertise to your infrastructure project.

Below you will find an overview of the locations of the already installed ubitricity charging spots.

Do you have any questions? We are glad to help

Contact the ubitricity team for more information on our charging infrastructure solutions. We are looking forward to talking to you and answer your questions about the market’s smartest charging technology.

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