Charge everywhere and get one single invoice with the intelligent charging cable

Would an EV as a company car be a good choice for you – if it wasn’t for the problem with charging and billing? ubitricity makes it easy for you – with the intelligent charging cable. Regardless of where you’re charging, all costs are summarized on one invoice for your employer, even when you’re charging at home. With our eRoaming option, it gets even more practical.

A practical solution

With ubitricity’s MobileCharging system and the calibrated electricity meter integrated into the charging cable, all charging transactions are recorded and summarized on one monthly bill for your employer.

The charging spots

For every charging situation, ubitricity offers the matching charge point. Indoors or outdoors – we have the suitable charging spot for your home or business.

Automatic reimbursement

The intelligent charging cable records the precise amount of electricity you have charged at home and ubitricity reimburses the costs to you automatically. Precise and transparent.

The all-inclusive package

ubitricity is offering a one-stop shop: hardware, installation, and billing. This makes it easy for you and your employer to get started with electric mobility. Also, the ubitricity solution conforms to data protection standards.

The eRoaming option

For those who travel a lot, the eRoaming option is the right choice. With one single RFID token, you can charge at more than 50 000 charging spots all over Europe – without registering separately with all the different charge point providers.

Get in touch

If you want to explore the ubitricity solution for your company car: we’re glad to get in touch and find the right solution for you and your fleet manager.


The MobileCharging system

Simple and transparent billing for the electric company car

Electricity contract to go

The SmartCable

Charge and bill comfortably with mobile electricity meter and mobile electricity contract.

Transparent billing

The ConnectivityManager

Many possibilities – and a good overview. Exact billing and security.

The affordable charging spot

The SimpleSocket

Charge, wherever and whenever you want. Always a fitting solution. With all-inclusive service.

The installation variants

The right charging spot for every location

Do you have any questions?
We’re glad to help.

Individual solutions need good consulting. You can count on ubitricity’s know-how and experience. We walk the walk to the right solution for charging infrastructure and billing with you.

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