Charging infrastructure for apartment buildings: additional value for your property

Equip your property with ubitricity charging spots and create real additional value for your tenants.

The MobileCharging system makes it easy: all electricity is billed directly to the tenants using the infrastructure – without any additional effort from you.

Convincing for users

With ubitricity’s MobileCharging system and the calibrated electricity meter in the intelligent charging cable, all transactions are billed directly to the user – down to the exact kWh.

Convincing for tenants

ubitricity’s system solution does not affect your general house electricity bill. The costs for the electricity charged at your property are reimbursed automatically and transparently, up to the exact amount that was charged.

Convincing for you

Thanks to the special technology used in the MobileCharging system, the charging spots come at a fair price and produce next to no running costs. The user pays directly for the electricity that was charged – with no additional administrative effort from you.

The charging spots

ubitricity provides the suitable charging infrastructure for every situation. Indoors or outdoors, at a wall, on a pole or integrated into a lamp post – complete with a three-year warranty.

The all-inclusive package

ubitricity is offering a one-stop shop: hardware, installation, and billing. We make it easy to combine good real estate management with electric mobility.

Get in touch

New constructions or existing properties – equipping your buildings with charging infrastructure is easy with the right partner to support you. We’re glad to get in touch and find the perfect solution.


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The installation variants

The right charging spot for every location

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Individual solutions need good consulting. You can count on ubitricity’s know-how and experience. We walk the walk to the right solution for charging infrastructure and billing with you.

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