These are the innovative and passionate minds of ubitricity

These are the innovative and passionate minds behind ubitricity who passionately implement innovative ideas for electric mobility. Every day, this team works hand in hand to realize intelligent products and tailor-made solutions that make the introduction of electric mobility very easy. For you too. See for yourself! We’re looking forward to working with you.

Management & Founders

Frank Pawlitschek, PhD, LL.M.

CEO & Co-Founder

Knut Hechtfischer


Sales & Operations

Alexander Reinhardt

Director Business Development & Operations

Dr. Niklas Schirmer

Director Energy & Automotive

Peter Siegert

Head of Sales Germany

Philipp Sindberg

Head of Business Development

Ulrike Hinz

Business Development Manager

Felix Euteneuer

Business Development Manager

Hagen Kühn

Business Development Manager

Polina Zahn

Business Development Manager

Linda Kahlbaum

Key Account Manager Energy

Ann-Kathrin Schaube

Legal Affairs

Patrick Stühler

Product Manager

Andreas Weber

Data Manager

Diana Katzsch

Team Assistant Sales

Marketing Communications

Alexa Thiele

Head of Marketing Communications

Evelyn Findeisen

Manager Marketing Communications

Liv Colell

Working Student Marketing Communications

Finance & HR

Marie-Carole Girbal

Head of Finance & HR

Katrin Schulz

Financial Accountant

Dr. Markus Brütting

Senior Financial Analyst

Anna Bockenkamm


Nadine Adamzadeh

Assistant HR & Organization

Davide Moretti

Working Student Finance

Jennifer Michalski

Working Student Human Resources

Jagoda Cwiklik

Working Student Finance

Front & Backend Development

Evgeny Pakhomov

Backend Team Lead

Cristian Dugacicu

Full-Stack Developer

Ashutosh Singh

DevOps Engineer

Stefan Adamczyk

System Administrator

Rianna Redlich

Backend Developer

Spyridon Papadopoulos

Backend Engineer

Isabel del Burgo Castillo

Working Student Software Development


Chong-Hwa Kim

Senior Hardware Engineer

Thomas Kulpa

Senior Project Manager

Lukas Liebrecht

Technical Services & Support Specialist

Stefan Diller

Technical Services & Quality Assurance Manager

Tobias Jahn

Technical Services & Support Manager

Tammam Daher

Working Student Elektrotechnik

Denis Plandjan

Working Student Mechatronics

Rafael Torrecilla

Working Student Engineering & Hardware Development

Embedded Software

Jan Weil

Head of Embedded Software Development

Robert Schlabbach

Senior Architect & Developer Embedded Software

Tom Markuske

Embedded Software Developer

Enrique Freaza

Embedded Software Test Engineer

Cedric Lehner

Embedded Software Developer

Gregory Fung

Embedded Software & Device Developer

Christian Rotzoll

Embedded Software Developer

Maybe you’re just what we’ve been missing:

The ubitricity team is always looking for passionate people who could work together with us on making electric mobility a reality. Maybe you are the right person to support us.