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100% green electricity. 100% transparent billing.

The SmartCable provides access to all of ubitricity’s charge points and is the complete charging solution for EV drivers, combining the technology to provide metered electricity readings and exact, monthly billing for all your charging events – consumption based and down to the kWh.

  • Fixed, competitive rates per plug-in and kWh
  • Automatic authentication at the charge point
  • Download: SmartCable data sheet and user manual
  • Shipping time: 5-10 working days
Option Residential Pro1 Residential Free2
Monthly rate £ 7.99 £ 0.00
Unit rate per kWh 16.2p 19p
Plug-in fee3 19p 29p
SmartCable 4.6 kW/20A £ 199 £ 299
SmartCable 7.4 kW/32A £ 299 £ 399

Product description

Choice of tariff

  • The tariff option "Residential Free" is perfect for occasional EV charging with the SmartCable: Without a fixed monthly contract fee, you only pay for the charging transactions themselves.
  • The tariff option "Residential Pro" is ideal for frequent EV charging with the SmartCable: For a monthly rate of £ 7.99 you charge your car for only 16.2p per kWh and a reduced plug-in fee.


Hardware: SmartCable option

With the Residential Free and Pro tariffs, the ubitricity SmartCable is available in two different power options:

  • 20 A / 4.6 kW: Sufficient for most EV drivers.
  • 32 A / 7.4 kW: The more powerful option for EV drivers with a higher charging capability.


Hardware: Connector type

While ubitricity charge points always have a Type2 outlet, modern PHEV and BEV can have either a Type 2 or a Type 1 car side socket installed.

When choosing the appropriate cable and plug type EV, drivers will need to choose the connector type accordingly. Otherwise they will not be able to charge their car. In case you are not fully confident, refer to your car's handbook, or ask the car manufacturer or retailer.

  • Type 2: European standard and usually to be found on most EV produced for European markets.
  • Type 1: To be found on some US and Asian EV.

EV drivers will need to choose the connector type accordingly otherwise they will not be able to charge their car. In case you are not fully confident, refer to your car's handbook, or ask the car manufacturer or dealer.

> You find more details about Type 2 and Type 1 connectors in our Q&A.

MobileCharging system

The integrated calibrated meter records all charging transactions down to the kilowatt hour. The SmartCable and your mobile electricity tariff enable to charge to the ideal conditions at all SimpleSockets within the ubitricity MobileCharging system. All charging transactions within the ubitricity MobileCharging system will be registered based on the mobile electricity tariff and billed comfortably on a monthly basis.

All charging transactions can be viewed in real time in the ubitricity customer portal, which is available as a web portal or a mobile application.

The ubitricity SmartCable can be used as a standard charging cable when using other infrastructure provider's charge points. In this case the conditions of the respective charge point provider will apply.

Through the ubitricity mobile application the charging overview is available 24/7 (iOS, Android).



1 Contract duration Residential Pro: 24 months, 3 months cancellation notice.
2 Contract duration Residential Free: 4 weeks, 4 weeks cancellation notice.
3 Plug-in fee is a charge payable for each charging event. Additional fees for parking and/or the usage of SimpleSockets may apply according to the conditions of the local authority.