Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself: we make charging easy and convenient.

Do you already have an EV or are you planning to purchase one? Then you are certainly aware of how important sufficient charging infrastructure is to make electric driving possible. The ideal situation would be to have charging spots available practically everywhere, especially where drivers park longer – and, of course, they should be easy to use. ubitricity makes this easy for you: Simply select your charging option.

Charging with a SmartCable

The intelligent charging cable with mobile electricity tariff

The ubitricity SmartCable enables you to choose your own mobile power tariff for your vehicle. The intelligent charging cable features an integrated mobile electricity meter and communication technology. With this cable, you can charge at all SimpeSockets with the tariff conditions you have selected. The electricity is billed down to the kilowatt hour.

Comg soon: the Pay As You Go solution

No monthly fee or contract required – just charge

For those who do not yet want to decide on a SmartCable, ubitricity has one more solution for you. Simply scan the QR code at the charge point with your mobile device and charge via DirectAccess, the Pay As You Go option. After a few clicks on the intuitive mobile site, your charging process starts. After the charging process has been completed, you will be billed exactly the amount of energy you have charged per kilowatt hour. It can’t be easier than that.

You can identify charging points with DirectAccess functionality in the charge point map by the plus in the marking pin or by the sign with the QR code on the charge point itself. You can see below whether those charge points are already available in your area, or you can simply download the app for on the go.

Here you can find the ubitricity charge points

And there are more and more coming in.

Here you can already see the numerous ubitricity charge points. It’s even easier to find them when you’re on the go by downloading our app. If none of our charge points are near you yet and you would like one, please let us know. We will then be happy to contact your borough in this regard.

Do you have any questions?
We’re glad to help.

Individual solutions need good consulting. You can count on ubitricity’s know-how and experience.

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