Select from our range of convenient and easy to use charging options for residents.

Do you already have an EV or are you planning to purchase one? One of the key barriers to EV adoption has been the lack of residential on-street charging options. How can you charge at home when you have to park on-street? ubitricity is solving this issue by converting the humble street light right into a charge point, right outside your home. Once one of our affordable chargers has been installed, simply select your preferred charging method.

Charging with a standard cable

DirectAccess, the pay-as-you-go-option

For EV drivers without a SmartCable who want to charge with their own standard cable, ubitricity has one more solution. Simply scan the QR code at the charge point with your mobile device and charge via DirectAccess, the pay-as-you-go-option. After a few clicks on the intuitive mobile site, your charging process starts. After the charging process has been completed, you will be billed per kilowatt hour for the energy you have consumed. It couldn’t be easier than that.

Charging points with DirectAccess functionality are highlighted in the charge point map with the ‘plus’ symbol on the charge point’s location marker. The DirectAccess-enabled charge points themselves can be easily identified by the presence of the QR code located above the socket. You can see below whether those charge points are already available in your area, or you can simply download the app for on the go.

Charging with a SmartCable

The intelligent charging cable with its own mobile electricity tariff

The ubitricity SmartCable enables you to choose your own mobile electricity tariff. The intelligent charging cable features an integrated mobile electricity meter and communication technology. With the SmartCable you can charge at all SimpleSockets with your own personal tariff.

All consumption and charges within your tariff are itemised simply and conveniently in our app, online web portal and monthly statement, the electricity is billed down to the kilowatt hour.

You can find all ubitricity SimpleSockets here

And there are more being added all the time.

Below you can see the steadily expanding ubitricity charge point network. To easily find them while you’re on the go, download and install our free mobile app.

You’re looking for DirectAccess charging spots only for charging with a standard cable? No problem – just filter the results by clicking on the button “All charging points” and select “DirectAccess only”.

Want to know more? We’re happy to help

Take a look at our Q&A or contact the ubitricity team for more information about our smart charging solutions. With years of experience, you can count on ubitricity’s know-how and experience to help find the right solution.

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