June 16, 2017
  • A panel on existing streetlamp posts is replaced with a socket in 30 minutes
  • Users will have to buy the smart cable which holds all the usage information
  • Billing details are sent to the user’s rolling monthly electricity contract
  • The cost of electricity is similar to domestic rates, currently around 15p per kWh
  • Councils can apply to tap into a £2.5m government pot for residential charging

Undoubtedly, the biggest hurdle for the uptake of electric cars in the UK is the poor charging infrastructure in the country.

Even the most populated cities like London, Birmingham and Glasgow don’t have enough public charge points to cater for the electric vehicle market to expand, and issues with reliability, multiple socket types and difficulty to find one unoccupied is leaving many early adopters scratching their heads.

But a new smart cable could be the shining light that’s needed to scale the problem, quite literally.

That’s because it plugs directly into existing street lamps to charge your EV.

It’s from German tech firm Ubitricity and is being used in a number of London boroughs, including Richmond upon Thames, as of this week.

Read the full article: Daily Mail Online < http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-4607870/A-1-000-conversion-turn-lampposts-EV-chargers.html >