March 5, 2019

ubitricity closes €20 Million in series C funding and adds Honda as new cooperation partner

Berlin | Munich | Paris | Tokyo, 5th of March 2019. ubitricity Gesellschaft für verteilte Energiesysteme mbH has successfully raised €20 Million in Series C funding that will enable the company to accelerate its growth and further develop its unique mobile metering technology. The investment was made by existing shareholders including EDF and Next47 (venture capital arm of Siemens AG) and by Honda Motor Company as new partner.

ubitricity has developed a unique mobile metering technology for smart AC electric vehicle charging, on-street and off-street. This allows councils, real estate owners, fleet and fuel card operators as well as end-users to benefit from significantly lower charging infrastructure costs, removal of the need for dedicated parking bays and optimized pricing.

The new funding will be used to accelerate the roll-out of charge points, in particular retrofitted lamppost charge points and real estate installations across the UK, Germany, France, and USA. In parallel, the technology will be further developed for the mass market expected from 2020, and the prerequisites for services across the entire spectrum of V1G and V2G will be created.

“With Honda Motors, we have another strong collaboration partner on board who shares our vision of a smart electric vehicle which brings with it the essential technology to charge and bill clean power and smart charging services” says Dr. Frank Pawlitschek, CEO and co-founder of ubitricity.

The company has made significant progress in developing its technology, its market presence and its market access e.g. in London. Furthermore, ubitricity’s role in Germany’s clean air program is driving installation of charge points in key cities with more than 3,000 ubitricity charge points to be installed in Berlin, Hamburg and Dortmund. Success in the highly competitive ‘NYCx Climate Action Challenge’, leading to a pilot program in New York, has further proven the intercontinental appetite for the company’s products and technology. “We are now putting charging stations right outside people’s front door, where millions of Europeans park their vehicle today, and at a time when more electric vehicles than ever are being sold.” said Knut Hechtfischer, co-founder of ubitricity.

The commitment of new capital and increased levels of ownership by EDF and Siemens signal anew the importance of ubitricity as a key pillar in both companies’ e-mobility strategies.

Last October, the EDF Group has launched its Electric Mobility Plan in order to become the sector’s leading energy company on its four biggest European markets: France, UK, Italy and Belgium.

Furthermore, Citelum (100% affiliate of EDF Group) and ubitricity are partnering to integrate this innovative solution to Citelum’s “smart city” range of products.

ubitricity – Gesellschaft für verteilte Energiesysteme mbH Affordable smart charging infrastructure for EVs wherever they are parked for longer, at work and at home, was the objective of Knut Hechtfischer and Dr. Frank Pawlitschek when they founded ubitricity in 2008. Today the company is one of the leading providers of intelligent solutions concerning the charging and billing of electric cars. ubitricity combines technical expertise, such as the development of the mobile electricity meter, with the possibilities of digitalization. The result: technically simplified and therefore cheaper charge points that allow a widespread expansion of charging infrastructure. At the same time, this approach allows to address the challenge of vehicle-specific billing. The mobile electricity meters also facilitates to integrate EVs into the energy system as addressable mobile storage units. This will enable to connect and manage a distributed mobile storage network unlocking the battery potential required to complement the green energy “all electric” revolution. Visit: